ProductCamp Lviv May 28, 2016

ProductCamp Lviv is user-driven, collaborative unconference for sharing experiences in Product Management Marketing and Execution. The goal is to setup network for the Ukrainian product management community, to share best practices and just have fun talking to other product addicted people.


ProductCamps are based on the concept of BarCamps, which means no agenda, no registration fee, no selling.


The participants themselves chose the topics and create the content to the event. Everyone participates in some manner: presenting, leading a discussion, showcasing a best practice, or sharing their experiences.


ProductCamp brings together people passionate about products and who are interested in collaboration with other top professionals in the Ukrainian product community.


The ProductCamp phenomenon is taking the world by storm.The first ProductCamp was organized in Mountain View 2008 and has been followed by 121 ProductCamps from Vancouver to Melbourne including 10 major cities in Europe.

The ProductCamp phenomenon is taking the world by storm and we don’t want to be behind this trend. See how it was in 2015.

Why Attend ProductCamp?

ProductCamp is an un-conference, meaning that it is FREE to you!

ProductCamp Lviv is the premiere event for Product Management, Product Marketing, and Marketing professionals to teach to, learn from, and network with each other. ProductCamp is an un-conference, meaning that it is FREE to you! Your only cost is your participation – bring your ideas, lead a session in your area of expertise, facilitate a roundtable discussion, network, or volunteer. Are you passionate about product management and marketing? Do you want to learn from peers outside your company? Are you looking for informal ways to "meet-and-greet" others? Do you presenting or leading roundtable discussions on timely industry topics? Are you unemployed or under-employed, and want to increase your network? Do you want to meet others who are passionate about product management and marketing? If the answer is “yes” to any of these, you should participate in ProductCamp.

  • New format
  • Free for You
  • Discussion and sharing knowledge
  • Tasty food and drinks


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CEO at SoftServe
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Solution Leader at SoftServe
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Nazar Bilous

Founder at LaMetric and Lemberg Solutions, PhD
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Matt McBride

Head of Design at SoftServeInc, Design Educator at AAU
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Solution Management Office Director at SoftServe.

ProductCamp is based on the BarCamp model and is designed to be a fun, thought-provoking, and a rewarding experience. ProductCamps are now held in many major cities worldwide.

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